Kokozone - WiFi Hotspots

The fast and flexible wireless internet hotspot service, keeps you online while on the move.

At Kokonet we believe that the convenience of the internet should be just as convenient to access. Our Kokozone wireless hotspot service and easy pay-as-you-go cards or monthly subscription keep you online across the county.

Already present in locations on Mahé, Praslin and La Digue, the number of Kokozone hotspots is growing all the time, to ensure that you are never far from the next internet access point.

Accessing the Service

To access the hotspot network simply purchase a Kokozone card and scratch off the foil backing to reveal your log-in number. Then switch on your laptop in a Kokozone hotspot, open an internet browser and follow the simple log-in details on the Kokozone website.

For a monthly subscription visit our office to sign up.


Our Hotspots are public places (airports, hotels, bars, restaurants, shopping malls) that have Wi-Fi connection, with the Kokozone SSID.

To access the Internet on a Kokozone Wi-Fi hotspot you just need to have a notebook, tablet or mobile phone compatible with Wi-Fi technology and go to Kokozone Wi-Fi Portal to authenticate.

The map below shows our coverage throughout the three main islands.

The Plans

Kokozone cards are available in 2-hour multiple log-in, day long single log-in and week long single log-in plans, to give the access you need at the most competitive price.

PlanPrices (SCR)*
2 Hours 115.00
Day 100.00
Week 300.00

* All prices exclude VAT